Fun Questions

Fellow author, friend and editor Annie Seaton tagged me on this post consisting of fun questions on assorted topics. Here goes:


Four places I have worked:


Customer service for large chain department store

International air-freight exporter

Administrator of Music Education business


Four movies I could watch again and again:

When Harry Met Sally (classic relationship film)

Overboard (classic white trash film)

Beetlejuice (classic spoof-horror film)

Rio Conchos (classic Western)


Four TV shows I watch:

The Big Bang Theory

Have Gun Will Travel

PBS’s Nova



Four places I have traveled to:

Victoria B.C., Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Yellowstone National Park

Grand Canyon National Park


Four authors I enjoy:

David Guterson

Louise Erdrich

Charles Frazier

Rosamunde Pilcher


Four web sites I visit daily:


Lassen County Times (for hick town news)

CalTrans (traffic cameras for northeastern California)

Wikipedia (because I love trivia, whether useful or useless)


Four favorite foods:


Pork Adobo

Saluyot (a Filipino green cooked with ground beef and LOTS of garlic)

Fresh fruit from our Santa Clara city orchard (eight varieties: plum, apricot, nectarine, cherry, guava, persimmon, apple, orange)


Four places I’d rather be (as long as I can take my husband, because let’s face it, he’s a whole lot of fun—wink, wink):

Lassen County, California

Any beach on the Central California coast

Rancho San Antonio Open Space in Santa Clara County, California

Dirt biking in Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreation Area, Hollister, California

(obviously I love my native Golden State)


Four people I want to Amalitag:

Anne Brooke

Sharon Ledwith

Donna Wierzbowski

Leslie Ferdinand










About karenkennedysamoranos

I am an author based in Northern California, and co-manage a small music education business specializing in jazz performance for students ages 5 through 18.
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