Richard W. McCoy Makes the Hall of Shame


Imagine being married to a man for nearly thirty years. You have a shared history, including three children, now adults. You’ve endured health issues that didn’t stop him from acting as your constant lover…well, maybe during a certain period of time, when a reproductive affliction meant you couldn’t have sex. Once corrected, your sex life is back to normal, active and strong, your husband randy as ever, with eyes only for you. There are never any red flags to suggest otherwise.

You’d been to hell and back, your body, once nearly smashed to bits in a violent and near-fatal accident, was surgically pieced back together, and yet, he still loves you. Now you’re at the precipice of age fifty, and he’s as eager to bed you today as when you were young and first in love. Your entire life has been dedicated to loving this man, all your trust and total commitment, while he served as a gate against the world that that terrifies you with its seething danger.

But then, he dies, quite unexpectedly. So, you catch a flight to where your man passed away, view his body in the morgue, and numbly make arrangements for cremation. Picturing the ultimate romantic gesture of sleeping with the urn containing his ashes at your bedside, forever…except, that forever is negated in less than one week, when you discover your husband had been living a very well concealed double life.

A quite unbelievable premise, you might ask? However, this occurred to the women in the life of former Stanford pediatrician Dr. Norman J. Lewiston. In Dr. Lewiston’s case, he seemed more of a womanizing bumbler, too lazy to obtain a divorce, than a crafty premeditated and calculating husband, as portrayed in my Erotic Romance, The Secret Life of Richard McCoy (Secret Cravings Publishing, July 2014).

This novel enters into Richard W. McCoy’s antics post-mortem, describing a man driven to succeed at the cost of others, the general definition of the true sociopath. Lacking compassion, empathy, with his only ambition hedonistic adventure, Richard played people in a game of chess that included lovers, illegitimate children, and crime.

Sally McCoy, newly widowed, is initially ill equipped to delve into her late husband’s many and complex secrets, yet she unravels a mystery that nearly costs her own life. More importantly, as she returns to her former self, she finds love with a most unexpected ally, Victor Callahan, a man whose presence in her life ironically served to allow Richard to betray Sally. But she’s no longer the victim—with the reins of life firmly in both hands—and her heart.

* * * *

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The Secret Life of Richard McCoy is coming to paperback print in January 2015



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I am an author based in Northern California, and co-manage a small music education business specializing in jazz performance for students ages 5 through 18.
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